Saturday, December 17, 2011

26 week baby wiggle dance party!

Here's a video of baby wiggling at 26 weeks! He's really getting down with his baby self in there. Be warned: you are about to witness a big round bare belly. Click on the "youtube" if you want to see it even bigger :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dear kicky baby,
We're already half way through December & you have been a resident of my womb for six and a half months. The feeling of you kick and roll around has become the norm. You are very lively early in the morning (oh no!) and late at night. I wish so much that your dad could be here to feel your wiggles. I read that at this point in pregnancy, your heartbeat can be heard by someone pressing an ear to my belly. I hope your dad will be home in time to test this one out, because I'm not that talented. I can barely get my shoes on these days. The likelihood of your dad coming home in time for your birthday is pretty slim, but my fingers are crossed and I am trying to stay positive, which is not always so easy.
This week you are approximately two pounds and FIFTEEN inches from your head to your toes! Probably taller if you take after your dad. That might be why I can feel you kick on two opposite sides of my tummy sometimes. I can't believe I'll get to meet you in three short months. Time is flying!

Here's our monthly picture! You're making me look more and more like Santa Claus every week.  

Notice the change in scenery? We went on a little trip with Aunt Sarah, Uncle Andrew & your cousins to the mountains! Don't worry, we'll come back here again with your dad after you are born.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ultrasound @25 weeks

Here you are! Looking bigger and handsomer than ever! No wonder your kicks are so strong, you're huge! Even a little bit of chub going on. And look at those lips! I know those didn't come from me... Ahhh I love your little face so much already :) I also love seeing "Amanda Kay Hough" on the top of an ultrasound.

Seattle baby shower!

I had my baby shower on December 4th during a quick trip to Seattle. It was small and sweet. It felt so good to be surrounded by my closest friends and some of your Cody's family. My two friends Jill, Katje & I started out the day by watching an Arnold Schwarzenegger  movie called "Junior" where a Arnold gets pregnant somehow and has a baby. (If anyone knows anything about the man I'm married to, you'll understand why I thought the pregnant Arnold movie would be most appropriate. Cody probably has every Arnold movie memorized and can impersonate Mr. Schwarzenegger better than the Terminator himself. I still think it's totally hilarious every time he does it.) Once everyone else arrived we munched on butterbeer cupcakes and fruit skewers and hot chocolate while I opened gifts and read cards. We got so many cute little outfits and toys. People were so thoughtful with the gifts they'd picked out. The coolest part of the shower was the onesie decorating. We all made at least two onesies each and they all turned out so cute! I can not wait to try them on my little guy. Definitely never getting rid of any of them.
I had such a good time & it was so good seeing everyone! Makes me so excited to move back up north in a couple of years. I am really lucky to have such awesome people in my life.

Here are the pictures taken by Jill's momma! Thank goodness she remembered a camera, because my pregnant brain forgot my camera's charger, so all I had was my iPhone! :(

Hostess Jill, me & Katje who drove up from Portland just to hang out for the day!

We're so lucky to have Jill watching over us.

Warning: If you pretend to burp a stuffed animal at a baby shower, people WILL make you keep doing it for a dozen pictures.

I think I'll put this on baby in the hospital. So cute & Tiny! Thanks Nancy (aka Lily's mom! Haha)

It fits!

Giana was kind enough to try out each new toy :) She approves.

Katje thinks I'm hilarious.

Cody's grandpa's card was so sweet, I almost started crying like a wee baby.

I miss these guys!!

My NC buddy, Katje! Love her!

Our onesie creations!! I love them!!

Can't wait to use these!

Grandma Shell & I!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cody & I as babies!

I was just looking through pictures of Cody & I as babies and it got me really excited. Especially the pictures of Cody because MAN oh MAN was he adorable! Talk about a super chunkster. I love trying to guess what our little guy is going to look like. It's crazy to think that right now his tiny facial features are fully developed and in the right spots. He no longer looks like a sea monkey with big beady black dots on the sides of his head in place of eyes (although I loved him just the same). He looks like a miniature person. Hopefully a mini-version of my handsome Cody.
Even though I can feel him wiggling and kicking me all the time, it's hard for it to register in my brain that I have a real baby in there. MY baby. Mine and Cody's baby! It blows my mind. I can't even handle how cool that is. I know people have been making babies since forever, but when I'm finally the one growing life inside of my body, I feel like I'm going through something magical and divine. I don't know what I'm going to do when I actually get to hold him. My head is likely to explode like a fembot exposed to Austin Powers' mojo.

Monday, November 14, 2011

22 weeks!

Hey little sugar! Or should I say big sugar? You are finally a whole pound! I feel like my belly is getting bigger and bigger everyday, which is great because that means you are too. You are still having dance parties in my tummy every morning and night and your kicks are more frequent and noticeable than when they first started. Only one more week until I get to go to the doctor again to see how much you've grown with an ultrasound! Can't wait can't wait! Here are some pictures of how much you have been making my tummy stick out:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Dear baby,
All of the books I've been reading me have been telling me I should be feeling little baby kicks by week twenty. Only a baby with Cody Hough for a daddy would be perfectly organized even in utero. On the very morning you turned twenty weeks, you decided to give me a little nudge. At first I thought it might have been just bubbles, so I pressed my hand on the area I had been feeling you nudge. That must have made you happy (or squished and annoyed) because you gave me a real good kick right on the palm of my hand. It was so amazing. I felt like it was your way of saying "Hi mom! Here I am!" Ever since then, you have been letting me know you're in there a lot. You're always wiggling around and kicking. Especially in the morning or at night before I go to sleep. I love it so much. When your daddy is gone it's easy for me to distract myself from missing him during the day, but when I fall asleep alone at night and wake up to no one in the morning I can't help but feel a little lonely. Now that I have you summersaulting in my tummy in the morning and evening, I'm reminded that I'm not alone at all. I've got my little buddy right with me all the time, napping or wiggling or listening to me talk or sing in the car. So thanks for letting me know.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chevron Curtains!

I have completed one chevron curtain & it's looking pretty sweet if I do say so myself. Thankgoodness, because that was a lot of measuring and taping. My legs were SO sore the next day! I was holding a squat for AT LEAST an hour. Youch. Here's my masterpiece and the process of it's creation:

Step one: Measure, measure, measure, tape, tape, tape!

Step two: Break out the sponge & paint!

Sponge, sponge, sponge, sponge, SPONGE, SPONGE, pass out, come to, sponge, sponge, SPONGE!

I'm done? I'M DOOONNEEE!!

What a delightful payoff! (p.s. this is in my living room. Baby room has yet to be painted.)

I realize the bottom is a little spongey. I would fix it, but once it's hanging in the baby room, I don't think that part will look so blotchy because the window isn't full length like this one. No light will be shining through there and showcasing where I got lazy. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ol' Snuggly!

Chair is finished! There are definitely some imperfections and major puckering, but I'm still very pleased. The fabric is super soft baby blankey material and I want to curl up on it and stay there forever.

Here's another glimpse at my inspiration chair:

Here's mine before:

And here it is after!

I think I'll name him Ol' Snuggly.
I haven't done the ottoman yet because I'm not quite sure what I want to do with it. I think I'll decide after I finish the rest of the baby room. Perhaps a furry ottoman?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Budget decor loopholes....

So it turns out, many of the things I had picked out for my baby room were muy expensivo! LUCKILY, I am super crafty and pretty good at getting looks for less. Here are some of my plans:

<Loophole #1: These dreamy chevron curtains run at about $130 for the pair, & I need two pair. I found some "inexpensive" fabric online for $9/yard, but I need five yards per window, so you can see how that can get expensive fast.
SO guess what I'm going to do? Buy some cheapy walmart white flat sheets (which are like $15), sew them into panels and PAINT chevrons on them! Sounds insane, right? Don't worry, another crazy lady tried it first at, and they turned out FAB. I don't know if she used sheets, but I can't thing of a cheaper way to get that much fabric.

Loophole #2>This chair. I love it. and guess what? I found a chair VERY similar for maybe $20. I just need to reupholster it. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but I feel like the shape is pretty much a bunch of squares and rectangles sewn together. I think I can handle that.

<Here's my $20 craigslist fixer upper. Similar shape, right? I'll find out later today if it is destined to be mine.

And lastly, these CUTE pottery barn kids hanging airplanes are to die for. Juuust the look I want for my mobile. Well they are sold seperately. The small one is $39, the medium plane is $59, and the large one is $89. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Not paying that.

Here's the loophole. My sister found these little wooden model planes for $4 a piece. A little paint and VOILA! Pottery barn-ish plane moble!

I feel like an evil genius right now.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bedroom ideas!

So now that I know that you are a little boy, my head has been swimming with decor ideas. I know that when you are old enough to appreciate your surroundings, you'd be more than satisfied with a bedroom filled with empty cardboard boxes, but that's not as much fun for boring grown ups like me. Don't worry, just because there won't be any boxes involved, it doesn't mean I'm not keeping baby/ toddler fun in mind. I plan on making you an entire wall of chalk board paint and a bookshelf full of fun stories for me and your dad to read to you before bed. Here's a picture I put together on photoshop of how your room will probably look:
Only the real one will have lots of pictures on the walls (maybe of your daddy and I as babies?) and a nice shelf full of books. And of course a changing table/dresser. Can't wait to get started!

Monday, October 17, 2011

17 weeks!

Hello there little pumpkin! You have been swimming in my belly for 17 weeks and you are 5.5 inches long from your head to your hiney (same as the little pun'kin in the pictures). All of you extremities are pretty proportionate to your body and you can suck your thumb and hear me talk.
Last week Aunt Sarah, your cousin Lilly and I decided to go to the ultrasound place to figure out your gender! I could have waited two more weeks for my appointment, but I thought the sooner I knew what kind of toys to buy you, the better. I also wanted your dad and I to be able to find out by our anniversary. You were much bigger than last time and much more wiggly. This time I saw you move your mouth open and shut and wiggle your arms all around. It was so cool! We all also noticed that you had very defined cheekbones full lips just like your handsome dad. I was so excited to get a little glimpse of your tiny facial features. When it was time for the ultrasound tech to tell us your gender, I asked her to write it down in two different envelopes, one for me and one for your dad so we could find out together. I was planning on sending your dad his envelope, but he ended up calling me that night so we decided to find out together right then. My heart was beating so fast as I unfolded the paper. Just as I had been suspecting. You are a little boy :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

In case you might start wondering what happened to that second, muffled, deeper voice...

Hello baby :) Today your daddy left to go to a place on the other side of the planet called Afghanistan. Remember how I mentioned before that he's a Marine? Sometimes marine daddies have to go far away for work for long periods of time. He'll be there for about seven months. He will hopefully be home just in time for your birthday. If not, he'll be home shortly after. I know it sounds like a bummer but he's worth the wait, I promise. We made sure that we had a recording of his voice reading you some stories (so maybe you will recognize his voice when he gets home) and he packed lots of your ultrasound pictures and your heartbeat bear. I think that these next seven months are going to go by really fast thanks to you, baby. You made it easy for us to focus on what's important and stay positive.

< Here's a picture of me and you! You're starting to really grow in my belly. I either look like I ate a lot of doughnuts or like I might have a little baby growing :) 
 ^There's your dad! Only he would have a guitar strapped to his back next to his rifle :P

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Week 13 Ultrasound :)

Hello little jumper! Since your dad is leaving in a few days, we decided to get an extra ultrasound to see if we could determine your gender. This one was much clearer than the last one. We couldn't get a good enough angle of your girl or boy parts, so we still don't know what you are. We could see your fingers and long legs, your toes and your profile! You were going crazy jumping around in there. Looks like you just might be a hyper hypo like your mom and dad. This week you are three and a half inches long (from your head to your hiney) about the size of a peach. Here's your picture!

We also got a friendly little bear that plays your heartbeat when you push his chest. Here's a video of that guy: