Friday, September 16, 2011

In case you might start wondering what happened to that second, muffled, deeper voice...

Hello baby :) Today your daddy left to go to a place on the other side of the planet called Afghanistan. Remember how I mentioned before that he's a Marine? Sometimes marine daddies have to go far away for work for long periods of time. He'll be there for about seven months. He will hopefully be home just in time for your birthday. If not, he'll be home shortly after. I know it sounds like a bummer but he's worth the wait, I promise. We made sure that we had a recording of his voice reading you some stories (so maybe you will recognize his voice when he gets home) and he packed lots of your ultrasound pictures and your heartbeat bear. I think that these next seven months are going to go by really fast thanks to you, baby. You made it easy for us to focus on what's important and stay positive.

< Here's a picture of me and you! You're starting to really grow in my belly. I either look like I ate a lot of doughnuts or like I might have a little baby growing :) 
 ^There's your dad! Only he would have a guitar strapped to his back next to his rifle :P

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Week 13 Ultrasound :)

Hello little jumper! Since your dad is leaving in a few days, we decided to get an extra ultrasound to see if we could determine your gender. This one was much clearer than the last one. We couldn't get a good enough angle of your girl or boy parts, so we still don't know what you are. We could see your fingers and long legs, your toes and your profile! You were going crazy jumping around in there. Looks like you just might be a hyper hypo like your mom and dad. This week you are three and a half inches long (from your head to your hiney) about the size of a peach. Here's your picture!

We also got a friendly little bear that plays your heartbeat when you push his chest. Here's a video of that guy:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Week 11!

Hello little baby! Today we got a little peek of what you're up to in there. Lots of squirming and hiccuping! Very cute and very exciting to finally see.
Here's your very first ever picture:

And here's your very first video! It's kind of hard to see. Your daddy was shaking the camera all around because he was so excited to see you.