Friday, October 28, 2011

Ol' Snuggly!

Chair is finished! There are definitely some imperfections and major puckering, but I'm still very pleased. The fabric is super soft baby blankey material and I want to curl up on it and stay there forever.

Here's another glimpse at my inspiration chair:

Here's mine before:

And here it is after!

I think I'll name him Ol' Snuggly.
I haven't done the ottoman yet because I'm not quite sure what I want to do with it. I think I'll decide after I finish the rest of the baby room. Perhaps a furry ottoman?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Budget decor loopholes....

So it turns out, many of the things I had picked out for my baby room were muy expensivo! LUCKILY, I am super crafty and pretty good at getting looks for less. Here are some of my plans:

<Loophole #1: These dreamy chevron curtains run at about $130 for the pair, & I need two pair. I found some "inexpensive" fabric online for $9/yard, but I need five yards per window, so you can see how that can get expensive fast.
SO guess what I'm going to do? Buy some cheapy walmart white flat sheets (which are like $15), sew them into panels and PAINT chevrons on them! Sounds insane, right? Don't worry, another crazy lady tried it first at, and they turned out FAB. I don't know if she used sheets, but I can't thing of a cheaper way to get that much fabric.

Loophole #2>This chair. I love it. and guess what? I found a chair VERY similar for maybe $20. I just need to reupholster it. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but I feel like the shape is pretty much a bunch of squares and rectangles sewn together. I think I can handle that.

<Here's my $20 craigslist fixer upper. Similar shape, right? I'll find out later today if it is destined to be mine.

And lastly, these CUTE pottery barn kids hanging airplanes are to die for. Juuust the look I want for my mobile. Well they are sold seperately. The small one is $39, the medium plane is $59, and the large one is $89. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Not paying that.

Here's the loophole. My sister found these little wooden model planes for $4 a piece. A little paint and VOILA! Pottery barn-ish plane moble!

I feel like an evil genius right now.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bedroom ideas!

So now that I know that you are a little boy, my head has been swimming with decor ideas. I know that when you are old enough to appreciate your surroundings, you'd be more than satisfied with a bedroom filled with empty cardboard boxes, but that's not as much fun for boring grown ups like me. Don't worry, just because there won't be any boxes involved, it doesn't mean I'm not keeping baby/ toddler fun in mind. I plan on making you an entire wall of chalk board paint and a bookshelf full of fun stories for me and your dad to read to you before bed. Here's a picture I put together on photoshop of how your room will probably look:
Only the real one will have lots of pictures on the walls (maybe of your daddy and I as babies?) and a nice shelf full of books. And of course a changing table/dresser. Can't wait to get started!

Monday, October 17, 2011

17 weeks!

Hello there little pumpkin! You have been swimming in my belly for 17 weeks and you are 5.5 inches long from your head to your hiney (same as the little pun'kin in the pictures). All of you extremities are pretty proportionate to your body and you can suck your thumb and hear me talk.
Last week Aunt Sarah, your cousin Lilly and I decided to go to the ultrasound place to figure out your gender! I could have waited two more weeks for my appointment, but I thought the sooner I knew what kind of toys to buy you, the better. I also wanted your dad and I to be able to find out by our anniversary. You were much bigger than last time and much more wiggly. This time I saw you move your mouth open and shut and wiggle your arms all around. It was so cool! We all also noticed that you had very defined cheekbones full lips just like your handsome dad. I was so excited to get a little glimpse of your tiny facial features. When it was time for the ultrasound tech to tell us your gender, I asked her to write it down in two different envelopes, one for me and one for your dad so we could find out together. I was planning on sending your dad his envelope, but he ended up calling me that night so we decided to find out together right then. My heart was beating so fast as I unfolded the paper. Just as I had been suspecting. You are a little boy :)