Saturday, December 17, 2011

26 week baby wiggle dance party!

Here's a video of baby wiggling at 26 weeks! He's really getting down with his baby self in there. Be warned: you are about to witness a big round bare belly. Click on the "youtube" if you want to see it even bigger :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dear kicky baby,
We're already half way through December & you have been a resident of my womb for six and a half months. The feeling of you kick and roll around has become the norm. You are very lively early in the morning (oh no!) and late at night. I wish so much that your dad could be here to feel your wiggles. I read that at this point in pregnancy, your heartbeat can be heard by someone pressing an ear to my belly. I hope your dad will be home in time to test this one out, because I'm not that talented. I can barely get my shoes on these days. The likelihood of your dad coming home in time for your birthday is pretty slim, but my fingers are crossed and I am trying to stay positive, which is not always so easy.
This week you are approximately two pounds and FIFTEEN inches from your head to your toes! Probably taller if you take after your dad. That might be why I can feel you kick on two opposite sides of my tummy sometimes. I can't believe I'll get to meet you in three short months. Time is flying!

Here's our monthly picture! You're making me look more and more like Santa Claus every week.  

Notice the change in scenery? We went on a little trip with Aunt Sarah, Uncle Andrew & your cousins to the mountains! Don't worry, we'll come back here again with your dad after you are born.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ultrasound @25 weeks

Here you are! Looking bigger and handsomer than ever! No wonder your kicks are so strong, you're huge! Even a little bit of chub going on. And look at those lips! I know those didn't come from me... Ahhh I love your little face so much already :) I also love seeing "Amanda Kay Hough" on the top of an ultrasound.

Seattle baby shower!

I had my baby shower on December 4th during a quick trip to Seattle. It was small and sweet. It felt so good to be surrounded by my closest friends and some of your Cody's family. My two friends Jill, Katje & I started out the day by watching an Arnold Schwarzenegger  movie called "Junior" where a Arnold gets pregnant somehow and has a baby. (If anyone knows anything about the man I'm married to, you'll understand why I thought the pregnant Arnold movie would be most appropriate. Cody probably has every Arnold movie memorized and can impersonate Mr. Schwarzenegger better than the Terminator himself. I still think it's totally hilarious every time he does it.) Once everyone else arrived we munched on butterbeer cupcakes and fruit skewers and hot chocolate while I opened gifts and read cards. We got so many cute little outfits and toys. People were so thoughtful with the gifts they'd picked out. The coolest part of the shower was the onesie decorating. We all made at least two onesies each and they all turned out so cute! I can not wait to try them on my little guy. Definitely never getting rid of any of them.
I had such a good time & it was so good seeing everyone! Makes me so excited to move back up north in a couple of years. I am really lucky to have such awesome people in my life.

Here are the pictures taken by Jill's momma! Thank goodness she remembered a camera, because my pregnant brain forgot my camera's charger, so all I had was my iPhone! :(

Hostess Jill, me & Katje who drove up from Portland just to hang out for the day!

We're so lucky to have Jill watching over us.

Warning: If you pretend to burp a stuffed animal at a baby shower, people WILL make you keep doing it for a dozen pictures.

I think I'll put this on baby in the hospital. So cute & Tiny! Thanks Nancy (aka Lily's mom! Haha)

It fits!

Giana was kind enough to try out each new toy :) She approves.

Katje thinks I'm hilarious.

Cody's grandpa's card was so sweet, I almost started crying like a wee baby.

I miss these guys!!

My NC buddy, Katje! Love her!

Our onesie creations!! I love them!!

Can't wait to use these!

Grandma Shell & I!