Friday, November 23, 2012

8 Months!

No one told me I'd be in some kind of hyper speed time warp after having a baby! HOW is my little guy eight months old already? I'm pretty sure he was a newborn 3 minutes ago... I just tried to swaddle him, but he kicked me in the face.
Month eight! Cody is deployed, so little pookie & I are on our own this month and have been getting lots of one on one time! At first it was difficult not having a helper at the end of the day or on weekends, but I've gotten the hang of it now & I'm a pro single mama. Liam is a little adventurer! I'm starting to wonder if Danger should have been his middle name because he is getting into everything! This month he'd rather stand than sit & is cruising along the edges of furniture and finally has the ability to get a hold of all of the fun, naughty stuff that was once out of reach. If I take my eye off of him for a second he quickly hones in on the most dangerous thing in the room & goes for it! He can spot a reciept on the floor from a mile away! And if you leave a cup of coffee on the coffee table, you better believe it will soon be all over the floor and all over Liam. You'd think I would be driven crazy by all of this but I honestly am pretty entertained by it. I can't help but laugh at my curious little guy. He also loves to touch my face & quietly babble.  He likes to try to share his binky or toys by trying to put them in my mouth (usually covered in his own drool- lucky me).When he's tired he likes to grab his feet & fold in half. I don't know why someone would be comfortable like that, but he is. He also grabs his ears when he's sleepy. A few times he has stood up without the support of a couch for about 2-4 seconds & I was over-the-moon excited.
Every second with Liam is fun. He's always doing something cute or silly & I am endlessly enamored with him. 

{New developments for Month 8}
Weight: 23lbs, 29Height:in<-give or take! Hard to keep him still enough to measure!

  • crawls with belly off the floor
  • pulls up to stand on everything!
  • cruises on furniture

More Photos & Videos from this month!
Playing with toys:

Skyping with dad:

& a few from Halloween:

 Liam LOVES story time! He'll sit quietly & politely on my lap if we're reading. Especially his "wheels on the bus" pop up book! He LOVES it. Once I came back into the livingroom after stepping out for a second & he was standing up on the side of the couch & flipping through the pages :)
 He met his uncle Kyle:
 Out for a walk with mom:

Monday, October 22, 2012

7 Months

Liam! This last month sure did sneak up fast! Crazy that it has already been 7 months since I first held your tiny 8 lb 10 oz body wrapped up like a little taquito. This month you have gone from rolling & scooting, to crawling. You don't quite stay on your hands and knees the whole time, but you certainly get around the house! You love going into the kitchen and babbling and hearing yourself echo and trying to knock over the garbage can. You are a little explorer and dare devil. You seem to find danger everywhere. You keep trying to stand up too! You have been straightening out your legs while in the crawling position & pointing your hiney straight up in the air. You can push yourself up into a seated position & sit straight up unsupported for a long time. You like to stick out your tongue & think it's great when we do it back to you.You get scared when daddy sneezes too loud. You like to make fake coughing sounds and you talk a lot too. You whisper or shout "dadadada" "at at at" and "tssssss" and lots of squealing. In the morning you wake us up with babbles & slaps to the face or by smushing your fat toes onto our faces or digging your little fingers into our mouths! Your fuzzy hair has grown back and I like to style into a little Mohawk. Your two bottom teeth have come in and we've started to give you baby food at least once a day, but you don't really like it.

Here's how big my little nuggle muggle has gotten!

{New developments for Month 6}
Weight:  22.3lbs, Height: 28in

  • crawls
  • pushes himself into sitting position & sits up unsupported
  • has two bottom teeth
  • Says "dada" -but we're not sure if he's associating the word with the person
  • stands on feet supported by his hands all by himself

More Photos & Videos from this month!

Jet Pack Photo By Frances Bast

Halloween Costume (more photos to come!)

Photo by Frances Bast

Photo by France Bast