Monday, January 23, 2012

Wall Decor :)

Another project has been checked off the list! I just executed the above the crib wall art. I don't have a printer, so there was no tracing involved. These babies were done by eyeballing maps I found on google images. That might explain why they might be a little bit inaccurately shaped. The little hearts represent our birth places. Awww.

Now I've just got to stencil that WRETCHED chevron curtain, create a wall book mount & sew some pillow cases & my work will be DONE! Unless I think of something else I'd like to do... like a bedskirt perhaps? Hmmm. We'll see how long I put off my other stupid tasks.

p.s. Those white frames were only $4 each at Michaels. The cutesy states were cut from scrapbook paper & glued on to gray painted cardboard. Took about 20 minutes. Would have probably taken about 5 if I had the ability to print and trace. Woohoo!

Aaand I'm hungry again.

31 week wiggles

Here's a little video of Liam's nightly dance routine. He gets so active at night time! I caught a few good wiggles on here, which is really difficult since the baby seems to be camera shy & only wants to move around when I'm not filming.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Even more baby room progress!

I still have about a dozen more things to do before I can declare the baby room completed. Here's another sneakity peekity of what's been accomplished so far:


Annnd now I'd like to brag about my wall art because I threw it all together with stuff I had around the house. The frames are clearance frames from Marshalls & Michaels. My two favorite dudes. 

From left to right: (Top row) Cut out of the picture that came with the frame over some scrapbook paper, Picture of a rocket ship on the moon drawn by my five year old niece, framed piece of the only thing I've ever knit. (Bottom row) prop from my 17 week belly pics, bunny rabbit I cut out & taped to some scrapbook paper, i<3u made with stickers & heart cut out, scrapbook paper in a frame, aaaaand a little doodle I drew of a VW bus! Go me!  

Also, we're naming our little bunny pie Liam :) Hence the L is for Liam thing. 

Airplane mobile!

Remember these expensivo PB kids airplanes I was diggin' on?

Here's my version:

The one in the background is navy blue, not black. It's just night time & dark in here. This project took me about 10 minutes to complete & cost me $3. I am very pleased. 
p.s. My sister, Sarah, was the one who suggested I use these dollar airplanes. Can't take all the credit :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bedroom progress!

So far I've got two walls done & one wrinkly curtain up! Man oh man am I excited!
Here's a sneaky peeky:

Saturday, January 14, 2012

30 weeks!

Hey little guy! I can't believe it's already been 30 weeks! Seems like this pregnancy is flying by so fast. The doctor says you are measuring to be about the size of a 33 week baby. That means you are closer to four pounds than three pounds. Last month when you would kick or wiggle, I'd see my tummy shake or twitch. Now when you move I can see actual limbs poking out. It is the coolest thing to see and feel.  I've also noticed that you are awake in there a lot more than you used to be. Even as I type this, you're busily kicking away at my ribs. Ouch!
Good news about your dad! He might be home for your birth! Things like this are never 100%, just like you deciding when to come out is uncertain, but I think we've got a pretty good chance. He is so excited to meet you. He just ordered you a bunch of bedtime stories from the book store's website. Sometimes we get to instant message on the computer & look at toys for you together. He's going to be such a god dad. I can't wait.

Here are our pictures for this month! See what I'm doing? I turned your closet doors into a chalkboard! You and your cousins are going to have a lot of fun playing with that! :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Now that the time, money & brain sucker holiday (aka Christmas) is finally over, I can finally put my focus back into getting ready for my little baby friend. I plan on powering through as many baby room projects within the next week or two as possible. My first project for beebee room shall be to make him the coolest dresser in the history of cool dressers. I'm already half way finished. My plan was to wait until I was completely finished to post anything about it, but I get really excited about stuff like this and I neeeed to share what I'm doing to SOMEONE. There's a lot of coolness going on in my garage andI really need to let some of it escape. So. Here's what's going on with my radical dresser:


I got this dresser for only $10!! Sweet deal, right? Here it is before the magic:

And here it is @ the half way point. Lookin' pretty fly, right? I'm totally loving it. 

HOPEFULLY, I'll have a complete "after" picture posted by tomorrow. Hopefully. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pregnant lady problems.

I just spent an unusually long time putting lotion and socks on my feet. It's so weird how such a simple task has become so difficult. I found that the easiest way to execute foot lotioning and socking or putting on pants is to lie on my bed and apply lotion/put on socks/pants with my feet in the air. I usually have to take a few breaks along the way and when I'm done I usually lie there for a while longer like a turtle stuck on its back until I work up the determination to un-beach myself. Getting up from stuck turtle pose is done by rolling on my side and pushing my heavy, round bod up with my arms because my abdominal muscles are currently MIA. I think my baby may have eaten them.
Here's my most recent pregnancy pic:
Somebody help meh!