Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

34(&1/2) Weeks!

Dear Liam, you are getting very very big and you are making your mama very tired.  My special stretchy maternity clothes are working very hard to keep in all this belly & I waddle around everywhere I go. Having to tie my shoes or reach down  for anything is nearly impossible, & walking up stairs feels like running a marathon. Everything feels tight & uncomfortable & I get very tied of answering the same pregnant lady questions every curious stranger has for me. Despite all of these things, pressing my hand on my belly & feeling you kick back at me is the most miraculous thing I've ever felt. I can even make out where your legs are. sometimes I trace your little leg with my fingers & you respond with a big wiggle which makes me smile from ear to ear. I can just sit and watch you wiggle & squirm all day long. I'm always trying to get other people in on the action. No one seems as fascinated by your movements as I am. Your five year old cousin asked me, "Mandy, why are you so obsessed with the baby moving?" Haha. If someone happens to be sitting on the couch next to me, you better believe I'll be interrupting them several times to say "Wait!! Look at what the baby is doing! Did you see that?!" To me it never gets old. 
At 34.5 weeks you should be about 5 lbs & 18 inches, but the doctor says you're still measuring big. Even though I'd like to hold you a whole two or three weeks sooner, I hope you don't try to come out early & make your daddy miss your birth. I know you're excited to see your new room & read all of your new story books & meet your family, but you should really just wait it out for your dad. I can't teach you how to impersonate Arnold Schwarzenegger, or how to play guitar or hunt for ghosts nearly as well as your dad can. Everyone knows babies need lots of that kind of training in the first few weeks of development. So you just stay cozy in my womb until he gets here and I'll tough out dragging my heavy water & baby filled body around until people have to roll me around like Violet from Willy Wonka. 

Here are some pictures of your ginormous mama:
(We took these on Valentine's Day!)

Friday, February 10, 2012

February 9th, 2012

Went to the orientation/tour at the hospital today. It was so exciting! Saw the delivery room & even crossed paths with a tiny little baby. So crazy that I'll be there so soon delivering my own little baby. Cody would have really liked it. There were lots of husbands there rubbing backs, pulling out chairs and holding purses. I hope hope hope Cody will be here for the big shebang. Its so weird to imagine what it would be like having my husband here to rub my back & rush out at midnight for bagels and icecream. Siiigghhh... That'd be the life :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baby practice breathing!

Here's a video of what I'm pretty sure is the baby practice breathing. Apparently this is an unusual thing to see without an ultrasound, but I remember it happening to my sister when she was pregnant with Rory a couple of years ago. 
You can see it better if you make the video full screen. The breathing action is happening on the right side.

Yay for strong lungs & a healthy baby!