Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Slide show of Liam's L&D photos:)

1 week

Liam is one week old as of yesterday. We spend most of our time nursing & napping. He is quite the little snuggler & makes the cutest faces when he's asleep. When tiny babies smile, it's more of involuntary face twitch than an actual smile, but Liam smiles in his sleep all the time, so I like to think that it's because he's a happy baby. 

Here's his one week photo! This was not so easy to do, because he really wanted to be held and not sitting in a chair. I had to rock him, set him down & quickly snap, snap, snap the camera. This was the only half decent one out of like 20. It's not as focused as I'd like, but oh well. I'm bound to perfect my baby photographing skill eventually. 


Warning: this post was written by a very sleep & food deprived Mandy. Please excuse any typos... I'm sure there are a fewwww...
It's been a week and a day since Liam was born & I'm just now getting around to typing this with a full bellied baby sleeping on my chest.
Last Monday i woke up bright & early to go to the hospital to have Liam. I had to be induced because his head & body were getting so big in my belly, the dr. thought it would be safer to not go past the 40 week mark. Cody is still in Afghanistan & got a tent & computer to himself for the whole labor & delivery. It felt like having him there for real which was so awesome. Especially since I haven't even seen pictures of him since he left in September. Pretty much right away they induced me & broke my water. Even though the Dr. had been telling me all along that my baby was probably going to have to be a c-section baby, she still let me try to push him out the old fashioned way. After three hours of pushing & Liam's head still being stuck in my pelvis, the Dr. decided that I needed to have a cesarean delivery. I was really upset & scared when they carted me to the O.R. After they prepped me, They let Sarah & Cody in, which distracted me & made me feel better. After lots of what felt like tugging and pushing on my chest & belly, I heard a little cry. It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. The second they placed my baby in my arms I was in love. Everything I was worrying about before didn't matter because I was FINALLY holding my baby in my arms.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Big ol' belly

I made this video because A) My body is super sexy at 38 weeks pregnant B) you need to see it in motion to grasp just how large it got. 

Monday, March 19, 2012


(Please read following post in high pitched, shouting voice) I'm about to leave my house for my last Dr's appointment before delivery! Then I'm staying the night at Sarah's & off to the hospital tomorrow morning for baby having!!! That means next time I'm home will be with Liam!!!!! Holy guacamole!

Say goodbye to the freakshow belly!

Blah blah blah. Mandy is nervously typing about her nervous nerves.

My bags are all packed, my nursery is all set up, I'm all stocked up with diapers, wipes & enough baby wash to last me two years. I'm all ready to go. Now all I have to do is wait. I'm so nervous. I wish I could just go into labor tonight & get it over with. I cannot believe within the next two days I will have my own BABY! Unless I go into labor before Tuesday morning (which I really don't see happening.)
I'm so excited to not be a huge, wobbling pregnant lady anymore. I'm so nervous about meeting my baby. I know I'll do a good job taking care of him. I honestly feel like I was put on this planet to be a mother. I've spent my whole life taking care of babies & have been living vicariously through my sister's mothering experience since she had my nephew, Noah 8 years ago. I just hope everything goes smoothly. I'm so worried that I'll have to have a cesarian, or that something goes wrong during labor. I'm worried that I won't be able to get him to latch or that I won't be able to produce enough food for him. I'm afraid to drive him home, or drive him anywhere else. I'm scared that he'll get sick. I'm nervous about giving birth without Cody physically present. I'm also stressed because I don't even know for sure when Cody will be home. All I know is it's soon. Ohhh boy. I should probably just try harder to not think of these things at all.
On the bright side: I'm no longer too worried about the pain involved which is pretty strange. It seems like a pretty petty thing to worry about compared to other things now. I'm not ruling out the epidural, but instead of being 100% down for it, I've more shifted to wanting to wait until I absolutely can't take it before I numb myself up. Why? Because I think that my labor will progress further without it & my chance of having to have a c-section will decrease if my body is allowed to do it's thing.
Aside from all of these worries I have swimming around in my brain, I really am out of control excited. I feel like it's Christmas eve & I'm waiting for Santa. Deep down I know everything is going to be perfect. I think all of the anxiousness I've been pushing aside & distracting myself from for the past 6 months is finally making an appearance now that I'm all out of distractions.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I meant to say TUESDAY not Monday.

Big day is Tuesday, the 20th. Not Monday. Haha. Thankyou husband for pointing out my mistake. Sure is going to be a bummer when I can't blame pregnant lady brain anymore.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Big news!

No wonder my body hurts so bad! I've been carting around a little heffer! Since my belly has been measuring ahead this whole pregnancy, the Dr. decided to set me up with an ultrasound to see just how large this (not so) little monkey is. Turns out he's between 9 & 10 lbs!! Whaaat! Can't say I'm surprised, though. Cody & I were both fat babies & over lbs ourselves.
I've had my heart set on a vaginal delivery. Throughout my life, when I fantasized about the day I finally became a momma, I never envisioned being strapped to a table with nothing to look at but a huge screen & my new baby being held up next to my face for 30 seconds before being whisked away while I lie there for an hour or so getting my guts sewn up. I want to experience the whole thing. I want to be able to actually hold my baby and look at him and take it all in. It's not fair for some nurse to get to take care of him first! He or she didn't spend the last 40 weeks hauling around a huge belly. That's my prize for being such a hard core, husbandless, baby bearing, super lady! Ok? Ok.
Anyway, because my baby is such a chub, the Dr. really wants for me to have a c-section. The size of his belly is in the 98th percentile, which increases risk of him getting stuck in my birth canal by quite a bit. If the baby does get stuck, it can lead to some scary stuff like cerebral palsy. Yikes!
SO what's going to happen is I'm going to get up bright and early on Monday (the day before my due date) & get induced. I'm going to try for an old school vaginal delivery & if the baby shows signs of distress or starts to get stuck, then as a last resort I'll have to have a c-section.
Cody will probably be watching the whole thing from Afghanistan via Skype & my sister will be there with me for the big show.
I'm so excited! I can't believe how close I am to holding our baby! And having my man back shortly after! I will definitely be turning off my phone & locking the doors & hogging my husband and baby to myself.

Definitely won't be missing these sausage toes:

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Operation home front baby shower.

So something pretty cool happened. I was selected by Operation Homefront Southern California to participate in a baby shower thrown by a bunch of surgeons & Op. Homefront volunteers. I was one of only like seven chosen expecting mamas with deployed or deploying spouses. They asked us to make a list of 10 items that we still needed for our babies. I was expecting to get maybe one or two things from my list (which would have been very awesome) & enjoy a free lunch. Turns out that in addition to a lunch where I got to meet other young, pregnant ladies in my situation, we were each given absolutely everything on our wish lists. Probably the coolest thing ever.

Here's a picture of me with the other expecting military spouses:
I'm in the center because I'm a diva.

38 weeks!

Dear Liam,
I will never forget the way I felt when I saw those two lines appear validating your existence. I remember feeling an indescribable excitement. I was in such awe. Making a little human as a result of the relationship I hold so dear feels like such a gift. How could I be so lucky to deserve such a gift? I was all alone that day, so you were the only one I had to experience it with. Throughout this whole pregnancy it's kind of been that way. For the most part each kick & roll & wiggle has been something the two of us have experienced alone. Your dad is finally almost home, and you are finally almost here. Back when I first found out about you, I never thought this pregnancy would go by so quickly and peacefully. Whenever I felt myself getting bummed out & missing your dad, you were always in my belly nudging me & reminding me that it's not just me. It's you & me. I've spent the last six months "hangin' in there" and staying tough & positive. Pretty soon, I won't have to try so hard to stay upbeat. It will just happen naturally because I will finally have my family.

You are getting very, very, VERY big and you are making me verrrry tired and sore all the time. Here are some pictures of your very tired & pregnant mama. Hopefully you'll be out of my poor stretched belly by the time we take our next photo together