Saturday, April 21, 2012

1 Month!

My little munchkin has been very busy bulking up this past month. He's getting so long & chubby! When I first brought him home, I was so exhausted & overwhelmed, I remember thinking "I can't wait for the one month mark when all of this is easier!" Now that I'm here, I can proudly tell you it IS much easier. Nursing is no longer something I dread and Liam is now on a set sleep/wake cycle (yes!) But it's also a little bitter, knowing that my little baby is turning into a big baby & will soon be running around the house & out the door to kindergarten.

{New developments for Month 1}
Weight: 11.7lbs, Height: 22.5in

  • Liam is now very alert. He usually has a very serious look on his face, but when we talk to him or read him stories, he looks at us with wide, excited eyes & sometimes responds with a smile!
  • He's getting much better at balancing his own head, thanks to all of his tummy time practice.
  • He's awake much more often during the day & only wakes up twice during the night. Once at three am & once at about five or six am.

Look at my big boy!! Here's a link to the beginning or the month so you can se how big he's gotten :)

Liam's daddy came home!

Took me a while to add this (or anything) to my blog because I have been slightly less interested in the computer with a new baby & my husband home. Weird right?
Cody has been home for two weeks now and it has been so incredibly nice! He is a naturally great daddy & helps me out like crazy. He loves snuggling & playing with our little love bug and has completely taken over diaper duty, among many other things. Whattt? I'm a little too lucky.

Here are some photos take by Paige Prior Photography of the big night: