Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baby room tour!

I've had MOST of this room finished for months & months other than a single book rail & a curtain. Toward the end of my pregnancy and beginning of mommy-hood, I was so totally not into getting stuff like that accomplished. I was more into resting or something... weird...
Anyway, the last few weeks I have really found my groove with Liam and with that found the time to squeeze in any procrastinated craft projects. So here ya go! A tour of my masterpiece, Liam's finished room!
Changing table was a curbside find, rocking horse was a gift from my friend Patrice, curtain is a stenciled & painted sheet, & closet is a big chalkboard & the backdrop to his monthly photos!

Crib was a CL find, so were the chair & ottoman. Rug from Ikea ($14.99)!

Here's another pic of the chair & its slip cover made by moi:) It's really the most comfortable nursing & story time spot in the house.

This might be Liam's first time ever in his crib. Haha. He co-sleeps at night with mama & daddy. He loves his airplane mobile & REALLY loves his toy dragon sent by his Uncle Scott in Hawaii.

Here's Liam playing in his crib some more. The white blanket draped on the side of the crib was hand embroidered by his grandma a long time ago. Maybe she intended it to be made for Cody or Uncle Kyle when they were still babies?

Story time corner! Most of these stories were given to Liam as gifts or picked out by daddy while he was still in Afghanistan. Little bunny on the chair was the first thing I bought for Liam after finding out I was pregnant. For some reason I have always associated little bunnies with my baby. Even before I knew about my pregnancy.

Another photo of the dresser I refinished & his wall art.

2 Months!

Just as last month, little Liam has done lots of growing. He's now sporting some chubby cheeks, rolly polly legs and arms & a cute round little buddha belly that me & Cody cannot stop blowing raspberries on. He is awake for most of the day & has begun to really take in his surroundings. He doesn't grab at toys yet, but gets pretty excited about them. He'll wiggle & kick & sometimes smile at them. He loves being talked to and smiled at. In fact right now he's trying to get my attention by making happy little squealy sounds. When I look at him & say "Hi Liam!" he responds with a big grin. He is such a happy boy & it is so fun to watch him learn & play & grow.

{New developments for Month 2}
Weight: 15lbs, Height: 23in

  • Liam has become a social butterfly. Last month he would smile every once in a while if we were lucky, now he smiles all the time. He even reaches up for our faces if he's being held or talked to. 
  • His new favorite activity is to be held up so he can stand like a big boy & lock out his legs.
  • He'll still wobble his head a little bit, but he's almost completely able to hold it up without any help. I'm sure he'll have it down by next month. 


Here are some other pictures of things we did this month:

Grandma Shell came for  a visit!

We went for a walk out on Oceanside Pier, which he loved!

Went to the beach for the first time for a BBQ, only Liam
had no idea because he was sleeping the whole time.

Went out to our favorite breakfast place "The Breakfast 
Club" with Grandma Shell & Liam looked out the window 
most of the time. 

Liam with his toys @ The breakfast club

That mom lady sure is funny.