Thursday, June 14, 2012

3 Months!

We are having so much fun with our little baby boy. This month has been all about discovery. He's discovered his hands & sucks on them every time he gets the chance, he's discovered the other baby in the mirror & bears a big, gummy grin every time they see each other and he's discovered toys! He loves  batting at the toys that dangle over him on his playmat. He's growing a lot too. Allllll of his cute 3 month outfits that I was sure he'd be wearing until at least four months are nearly bursting at the seams.

{New developments for Month 3}
Weight: 16.3lbs, Height: 24in
  • Liam laughed for the first time when momma tickled him after work last week. It was so cute & unexpected. Now we can get him to laugh all the time with tickles & pretending to gobble his tummy or toesies. Once he even laughed while mom was tickle attacking dad. 
  • Liam lost most of his hair, except for a big weird patch on the top of his head. Momma decided it was time for his first hair cut, so dad broke out the clippers. Definitely something I never thought I'd do. 
  • Bats at toys
  • Sucks on hands
  • Smiles at reflection
  • Hates tummy time, but can hold his head at a 45 degree angle. 


Here are some other pictures from month three:

Liam's strange hair style

Liam's first haircut!!

I'd say he looks pretty cute as a baldy!:)

 If not, he can wear a hat until his hair grows back in.