Thursday, July 26, 2012

4 months!

Baby boy, you are getting so big! Your Doctor says you're the size of most 8 month olds! Looks like you're taking after your daddy in every. single. way. Your midsection is getting so strong, I feel like you might be able to sit by five months. Smacking at toys has turned into full on grabbing and shoving in mouth. You try to eat everything & it is so cute. You love being talked to & smiled at. You respond by talking and smiling back or touching my face and pulling my hair. Sometimes you do this adorable fake coughing sound when you want attention. You also love to be naked! when you're taking a back or getting your diaper changed you kick like crazy. You've discovered your feet & love grabbing at your chubby little toes.  I've noticed you are getting curious about food, so I've tried giving you little tastes of carrot baby food & mashed banana. I've also let you try baby cereal mixed with breast milk. You do a pretty good job with it, but you still don't really know what to think about it.You're pretty much doing all of the fun baby stuff now & I'm loving every minute!

{New developments for Month 4}
Weight: 18lbs 4oz, Height: 27in
  • Grabs, shakes & chews on toys
  • Can sit up if his hands are being held
  • Squeels & coos non-stop!
  • Hair is growing back!!
  • Experimenting with food
  • Started tugging at momma's shirt when hungry

This month we had 4th of July fireworks, visitors from out of town, trips to the beach & another trip to disneyland!  Here are some pictures!


{July 4th}