Saturday, August 25, 2012

Videos from month five :)

Here's Liam's version of sitting up! Almost got it down!

Here's Liam's hungry fake cough noise:

Here's Liam playing with his new light up turtle from Amy & Grampy. 

5 months

My little honey bear is 5 months old! We have so much fun with our little guy. Everywhere we go people always comment on how big he is! He's not shy in the slightest. He'll smile and coo for anyone. He especially loves talking to mom & dad, though. When we hold him he makes sweet little sounds & puts his chubby little fingers on our faces. His favorite sound is a little gurgling/crackling sound. In the morning he wakes his momma up by making this funny little sound. When I finally open my eyes, I'm greeted by a big gummy grin & more cooing. Liam loves grabbing his feet & sometimes eating them. Another thing we hear from friends is what a good baby he is. It's true, too. He's always smiling and rarely ever cries. His newest thing is to fake cough for attention. It's so funny. Usually he'll pull out the "fake cough" sound to let me know that he's hungry. He's getting very good at using his hands. He grabs at everything & tries to put it straight into his mouth. That includes mom's hair (ouch). He's also very strong. He can stand up with help, roll from his back to tummy and push himself up into an upward facing dog position. He is so close to sitting in the tripod position, using his arms for support, but not quite there yet. 

{New developments for Month 5}
Weight: 20 lbs, Height: 27in

  • Rolls from back to belly.
  • Pushes up with straightened arms when on belly.
  • Bounces in new jumperoo toy.
  • Touches our faces & talks when we hold him.

This month we went to a cabin on Big Bear Mountain with Aunt Sarah, Uncle Andrew and Cousins Lilly & Rory and drove to Hollywood, CA for Daddy's birthday! Here are some pictures of us having fun this month.