Friday, November 23, 2012

8 Months!

No one told me I'd be in some kind of hyper speed time warp after having a baby! HOW is my little guy eight months old already? I'm pretty sure he was a newborn 3 minutes ago... I just tried to swaddle him, but he kicked me in the face.
Month eight! Cody is deployed, so little pookie & I are on our own this month and have been getting lots of one on one time! At first it was difficult not having a helper at the end of the day or on weekends, but I've gotten the hang of it now & I'm a pro single mama. Liam is a little adventurer! I'm starting to wonder if Danger should have been his middle name because he is getting into everything! This month he'd rather stand than sit & is cruising along the edges of furniture and finally has the ability to get a hold of all of the fun, naughty stuff that was once out of reach. If I take my eye off of him for a second he quickly hones in on the most dangerous thing in the room & goes for it! He can spot a reciept on the floor from a mile away! And if you leave a cup of coffee on the coffee table, you better believe it will soon be all over the floor and all over Liam. You'd think I would be driven crazy by all of this but I honestly am pretty entertained by it. I can't help but laugh at my curious little guy. He also loves to touch my face & quietly babble.  He likes to try to share his binky or toys by trying to put them in my mouth (usually covered in his own drool- lucky me).When he's tired he likes to grab his feet & fold in half. I don't know why someone would be comfortable like that, but he is. He also grabs his ears when he's sleepy. A few times he has stood up without the support of a couch for about 2-4 seconds & I was over-the-moon excited.
Every second with Liam is fun. He's always doing something cute or silly & I am endlessly enamored with him. 

{New developments for Month 8}
Weight: 23lbs, 29Height:in<-give or take! Hard to keep him still enough to measure!

  • crawls with belly off the floor
  • pulls up to stand on everything!
  • cruises on furniture

More Photos & Videos from this month!
Playing with toys:

Skyping with dad:

& a few from Halloween:

 Liam LOVES story time! He'll sit quietly & politely on my lap if we're reading. Especially his "wheels on the bus" pop up book! He LOVES it. Once I came back into the livingroom after stepping out for a second & he was standing up on the side of the couch & flipping through the pages :)
 He met his uncle Kyle:
 Out for a walk with mom:

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