Sunday, February 3, 2013

Month 10

10 months old! Only two short months until my little sweet pea is a year! How the heck did that go by so fast? Liam is so smart & has spent this month showing us just how smart he is! He can clap his hands & starts to if you just whisper the words "patty cake". He'll even throw his hands up in the air for the "throw it in the oven" line. He stands on his own for seconds at a time, until he realizes he's standing. He'll run across the room with his friendly dinosaur scooter/walker. He loves dancing to music especially when Dad is playing it on his guitar. If you sing him a song he'll join in and start singing too(in his own baby language). He loves playing with his toys and can keep himself entertained in his play area forever. He also loves getting into the kitchen cupboards and pulling everything out onto the floor. He also loves his books. He pulls them out of their shelf & on to the floor where he turns the pages and talks to himself. His favorites are Goodnight Moon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Tubby & Spot's Toys. He's also finally decoded that he likes food! I was worried that he'd want to strictly nurse forever! Now he loves food. He'll gobble down pretty much anything I give him, except bananas for some reason. Another exciting thing for this month! Little top teeth nubbies have begun to poke through! I think he's got FOUR top teeth coming in!! He's definitely still very shy. When he meets someone new, he buries his face into mom's chest or shoulder. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. This month he weighs in at a whopping 25 lbs and is 30 inches tall.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Month 9!

Around the beginning of month nine, we went on a long 18 day family trip to Seattle where we stayed with Liam's Great grandpa Ben. Like most grandpa's houses, there was no internet, so All I could do was snap some pictures a few days before the 9 month mark & decided to write about month 9 & 10 together when I had a chance after the holiday madness cleared.
When Cody came home from his month & a half deployment, he was very surprised to see Liam crawling full speed around the house & pulling himself up on everything. At first Liam as a little shy around dad & wasn't really sure what to think of him. The first night he didn't want to go to sleep, because he didn't understand why there was another person in our bed. He just kept crawling over to Cody & slapping at him. Eventually he warmed up and got used to his dad again.
Month nine was really fun because it Liam was so exploratory. It was really fun to watch him investigate everything. His little wheels were always turning and he was into everything. One of my favorite things to do was to follow him around the house and let him get into supervised mischief. If it got a little risky, I'd just redirect him to something safer. Liam had his first encounter with pets over Christmas. Most of our family members had small dogs and Liam was fascinated! He'd follow them around just observe. Sometimes if he was feeling brave he'd reach out and tug at an ear, or try to grab a wagging tail. In Seattle He also met lots of family members every day. He sat on a lot of different laps and went to a lot of different houses. As a result, he was a little extra attached to his momma for a while. If I was out of sight, he'd fuss and follow me and usually wanted to be held or worn in his carrier. He started doing this cute thing, which he still does- If I'm carrying him & he's introduced to a new person, he'll shyly lay his head against my chest, or sometimes bury his face into my chest.
 Month nine began five days before Liam's first Christmas. Cody and I had such a blast picking out Christmas presents for Liam. We might have gone a little crazy at Barnes & Noble. They happen to have THEE best kid stuff. I got him a doggy puppet, a little grocery bag filled with crunchy, rattling  felt groceries, a little house with miniature, sound making stuffed pets, mega blocks and lots of books because he loves board books! He got all kinds of cool toys from everyone else too, which is great because he is at the age where he really notices and appreciates toys and books. I don't think he got a Christmas present that he does not play with regularly.

Here are some pictures from the month:)

Liam on the airplane:
 Liam getting into grandpa's pantry:
 Liam at Lake City Safeway & all bundled up for the cold Seattle weather:
 Liam & grandpa playing with his Weebles:
 Liam & grandpa:
 Accidental videos :P Liam & Dad at Pike's Market

 Liam & Daddy at Pike's.
 Liam & Santa!
 We drove down to Oregon for a night & got to hang out with Grandma Missy & Grandma Linda, Aunt Janna, Dayna & Cousin Tommy!
 Aunt Dayna with Cousin Tommy
 Went to eat Pizza at Papa's Pizza (the place mom had most of her childhood birthday parties)
 Gramma & Liam
 Liam on Christmas
 Visiting Uncle Jake!
 Playing with Uncle Jake

 Playing with Papa!

 Wearing Papa's glasses.
 Liam really loved his Uncle Logan! Warmed up to him the most out of anyone:)
 Christmas dinner! Mom made all of the sides & Dad made the ham!
 Mom hanging out while Liam gets into trouble :)
 Liam & Sailor boy.

 Opening presents
 Hanging out with Uncle Shawn
 Liam & Logan